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Undocumented. provisional Identification document.

Provisional identification document, which will enable the foreigner to stay in Spain for three months, during which time it will complete the information about their history.

  • Who are concerned?
    • Alien who cannot be documented by the authorities of any country and that they want to be documented by España.
  • Must provide documents, statements or any other appropriate evidence to substantiate the intersection of exceptional reasons humanitarian issues, public interest, or, where appropriate, the fulfilment of commitments of Spain, to establish its documentation, by the spanish authorities.
  • Similarly credited that cannot be documented by the diplomatic mission or consulate concerned through the notarized document to the record of the request made not heeded.
  • Proof of payment Rate 790 Code model 012.
  • Basic data of the procedure:
    • Form: Upon request.
    • Type of proceeding: Authorizations, Licenses and concessions.
    • The area of the procedure: human, LIBERTADES Y RELACIONES CIVILES.
    • Resolution of proceedings:
      • Bodies responsible for resolving this procedure:
        • By delegation:
          • General police directorate.
          • Delegates/Subdelegados of government.
      • The resolution of proceedings it puts an end to the administrative procedure.
      • Impact of the lack of a resolution in this term: Desestimatorio (beginning at his request).
    • Recursos remedies are available:
      • Replenishment
        • Órgano that resolves this appeal: the same body that passed the resolution that is used.
        • Period of application: 1 month.
      • Dispute
        • Órgano that solves the resource:
          • - Administrative Contentious court.
          • Juzgados Centrales administrative Salas; administrative court of justice.
          • Sala as Contencioso-Administrativo of the Audiencia Nacional; Sala as Contencioso-Administrativo of the supreme court.
        • Period of application: 2 months since the publication.
  • Legislation:

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