Foreigner procedures

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Denial of entry into Spain.

Control of compliance with the requirements of the rules so as to the entry into the national territory.

  • The foreigners who do not meet the requirements for entry, i shall be rejected by reasoned decision and notified, with information about the resources that can bring against it, the deadline for doing so and the authority before which need to be formalized, as well as their right to legal assistance, which may be ex officio in cases where the individual lacks adequate financial resources and, if any, of an interpreter, beginning at the very moment of the control at the border.
  • The foreigners who in Border to be denied entry as foreseen by article 26.2 of the organic law 4/2000, will be forced to return to their point of origin.
  • The resolution of the denial of Entry will entail the immediate adoption of the necessary measures to ensure that the foreigner back in the shortest possible time.
  • When return is out to be delayed by more than 72 hours, the authority had refused entry will be forwarded to the investigating judge to determine the place where they be detained until that time.
  • Places of detention for foreigners will not have a penal character, and will be provided with social services, legal, cultural and sanitary facilities. The foreigners detained they are deprived of the law Only.
  • The foreigner during his detention at any time before a judge who authorized it will need to communicate to It by the competent authority shall keep all circumstances in connection with the status of foreigner s placed.
  • The arrest of a foreigner to proceed to return as a result of the denial of entry shall be notified to the ministry of foreign affairs and the embassy or consulate of his country.
  • The foreigner who would be refused entry to the national territory by officials responsible for control, in accordance with agreements signed by Spain, he shall affix passport entry stamp a strikethrough with a cross of indelible ink and must be placed in facilities intended for that purpose in the border post until, as soon as possible, return to the place of origin or to continue to travel to another country where it is admitted.
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All formalities and procedures of foreigner