Trámites de extranjería

These are all formalities and procedures relating to foreigners and citizens.

Trámites and procedures Foreigner

  • Extension of short stay

    EX00 form

    To extend, exceptionally, the foreigner's stay in Spain for purposes that are not of work or residence, except in cases of being a holder of a visa to search for employment.

  • Student card for initial foreigners or renewal

    EX17 form

    Document designed to identify the foreigner for the purposes of establishing their legal status in Spain.

  • Asignación de NIE at the request of interested

    EX15 form

    Allocation of NIE for foreigners which relate to España by reason of their economic interests, professional or social.

  • Certificate of registration

    EX16 form

    It is a printed document, providing that the foreigner may not be documented by the authorities of any country and that they want to be documented by España, once it has resolved its registration in the Central Register of Foreigners.

  • Resident certificate

    EX15 form

    Credit to other agencies periods of legal residence in Spain.

  • Non-resident's certificate

    EX15 form

    Show the status of non-resident foreigner in spain.

  • Authorization issuance letter of invitation


    Regulate the terms and requirements for the particular an invitation for a foreigner, assuming the commitment to meet during the stay of the beneficiary all charges related to your accommodation.

  • Statelessness


    Solicitud for the recognition of the status of Stateless Person is stateless. any person who is not considered as its national by any state, under its law.

  • Certificate of registration of an eu citizen

    EX18 form

    This document provides for registration in the Central Register of Foreigners of the citizens of a state member of the european Union or of another state party to the agreement on the european economic area that will reside in spain for a period exceeding three months.

  • Initial card or residence or renewing residence and work

    EX17 form

    Document designed to identify the foreigner for the purposes of establishing their legal status in Spain.

  • Tarjeta de residencia de familiar de ciudadano de la Unión Europea

    EX19 form

    Document designed to identify the foreigner for the purposes of establishing their legal status in Spain.

  • Authorization and renewal temporary residence for exceptional circumstances

    EX10 form

    Authorization and renewal temporary residence for exceptional circumstances (collaboration with police authorities, prosecutors or judicial proceedings, or national security grounds, as well as collaboration in the fight against organized networks or against trafficking in human beings)

  • Authorization of return

    EX13 form

    That document is issued to the foreigner whose residence or stay will be in a period of renewal or extension. Allows you to the departure of España and subsequent return to the national territory within 90 days.

  • Residence card of long-term

    EX11 form

    Document designed to identify the foreigner for the purposes of establishing their legal status in Spain. It Is in a state of long-term residence the foreigner who has been authorized to reside and work in Spain indefinitely in the same conditions as spaniards.

  • Return of foreigners

    The foreigners who, having been expelled contravene the prohibition of entry into spain and the foreigners seeking to enter illegally in the country.

  • Exit prohibition

    Prohibition of exit of citizens in different ways of foreigners previously contained in the Law.

  • Prohibition of entry

    Prohibition of entry to foreigners non-resident who is staying outside spain, which commits any of the alleged collected and legal regulations.

  • Document letter of invitation

    Generation of valid support to give effect to resolution given by the charter of the invitation. Issuance of the letter of invitation.

  • Document refugee identity, subsidiary protection and/or stateless persons

    Documentos identifying the foreigners who had been granted the right to asylum and granted refugee status in spain; the right to subsidiary protection; or the status of stateless person, respectively.

  • Travel document for refugee status, subsidiary protection and/or stateless persons

    That document is issued for the sole objective of the holder of a travel document that could serve as a National Passport, but does not prejudge or modify in any way the nationality of the owner, if any.

  • Authorization for registration of undocumented migrants

    Provisional identification document, which will enable the foreigner to stay in Spain for three months, during which time it will complete the information about their history.

  • The exceptional authority entry

    To authorize the entry into España to foreigners who do not meet the requirements specified by law, when there are exceptional reasons humanitarian issues, public interest or fulfilment of commitments made by España.

  • The exceptional authority of short stay

    Emergency authorization to stay in Spain for a maximum of three months in a period of six, on humanitarian grounds, the public interest or international obligations.

  • Transit processing visa/stay at the border

    Visa issuing Visas at the border. uniform or of limited territorial validity border issued on an exceptional basis, with a view to resolving urgent situations type humanitarian, national interest or arising from the international obligations.

  • Denial of entry into Spain

    Control of compliance with the requirements of the rules so as to the entry into the national territory.

  • Expulsion of foreigners

    Expulsion of a foreigner if the offender perform some of the established as a very serious or serious conduct provided in paragraphs (a), (b), (c) (d) and (f) of article 53 of the above-mentioned Organic Law, and 57.2.

  • Sanctions on foreigners

    Exercise of authority is proven by the committee on administrative offences provided for under the law

  • Rates of foreigner

    Rates applicable to formalities and procedures relating to foreigners and citizens.

Documentación and information to the foreigner

Portal trafficking in human beings

We understand by attracting trafficking ", transport, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons, resorting to the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, abduction, fraud, deception, abuse of power or a situation of vulnerability or the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another, with the purpose of exploitation. Exploitation include at least, the resulting from prostitution and other forms of sexual exploitation including child pornography, forced labour or services, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude or begging, criminal activities and the extraction of Bodily organs".

See all the information on trafficking in human beings