Rates of Private Security

Below are the rates applicable to formalities and procedures relating to Private security.

  • Formalities and procedures

    Procedure/Procedure Rate
    Tarifa first : Authorization and registration of security companies 379,20 €
    Tarifa second . The place of registration of the siège social, Territorial area and expansion of activities, including the displacement and relevant report by the administration 266,45 €
    Tarifa third . The place of registration of social capital, actions or shares, cancellation of registration, statutory changes, changes in the composition of their governing Bodies and executive direction and in the uniformity of the security council 114,73 €
    Tarifa fourth Opening: authorization of delegations of security companies 143,91 €
    Tarifa fifth : Authorization of opening of establishment required to have security measures, exemption and waive security measures and, in general, other permits involving displacement and the report by the administration 213,96 €
    Tarifa sixth . The empowerment of managers and heads of the security council 97,23 €
    Tarifa seventh Vigilant. Allotment of security and rural families, including their respective fields 64,16 €
    Tarifa 8th . Allotment of private detectives, registration of offices, of societies of detectives and authorization of branch offices 64,16 €
    Tarifa 9th . Special authorizations for security services with weapons, distinctive and uniformity, security services at industrial estates and urbanizations isolated and for services of custody of keys or vehicles 213,96 €
    Tarifa 10th : Authorization of training and updating of private security personnel 258,67 €
    Tarifa eleventh . Accreditation of teachers of vocational training and updating of private security personnel 54,45 €
    Tarifa twelfth Participation in the examinations and tests prior to the empowerment of security guards and rural guards, including their respective fields 23,34 €
    Tarifa thirteenth Participation in the examinations and tests set for the assistants and investigators detective or informants 38,90 €
  • Compulsa of documents

    Procedure/Procedure Rate
    Tarifa fourteenth Compulsa documents. 3.92 €
    Increase for each page of document a collating 1,95 €
  • Issuance of certificates

    Procedure/Procedure Rate
    Tarifa fifteenth Issuance of certificates. 23,34 €
    Increase for each page extension which require certification 1,95 €