Private security procedures

Trámites and procedures

High and low security chiefs and delegation of functions of heads.

Communication of developments and changes in posts of chiefs of security and the delegations of functions.

  • Communications concerning high and low security chiefs and their delegations.
  • Classes and typologies
    • Ups and downs of heads of The security council.
    • Delegation of functions of heads of The security council.
  • Who are concerned?
    • Delegations: private security personnel or public (artº 99 of the rules of procedure).
    • Heads: staff enabled that meets the requirements of articles 53 and 54 of the rules of procedure.
  • Period of validity indefinite
  • Person. Go
    • Delegations: by her submission of the head. Heads: at the request of the entity or security company.
    • Personally, in the Central unit of private security or in territorial units of Private security.

  • In the person Central Unit of Private Security or Territorial units of Private Security .