Private security procedures

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Revocation of authorization of a training centre for private security.

Lower downtown for loss of requirements.

  • Summary of Inspection (Original).
  • Summary statement (Original).
  • Complaint (Original).
  • Basic data of the procedure:
    • A: At his request or ex officio.
    • Type of proceeding: Revisión de Actos, resources, complaints and Sugerencias.
    • Resolution of proceedings:
      • Bodies responsible for resolving this procedure:
        • By-house expertise.
          • Secretary of State for security.
      • Time limit for resolving and reporting:
        • 3 months.
        • The resolution of proceedings it puts an end to the administrative procedure.
      • Impact of the lack of a resolution in this term: Estimatorio (beginning at his request).
        • Regulations governing the administration silence: Law 30/1992 of 26 november, on the legal regime of the public administrations and of Common Administrative Procedure, article 43, as amended by act no. 4/1999 of 13 january, (BOE No. 285 of 27 november 1992 and BOE No. 12, 14 january 1999).
    • Recursos remedies are available:
      • Replenishment opt
        • Órgano that solves the resource:
          • Órgano which passed the act.
  • Legislation:
    • The code of proceedings: 994904