Sidenpol and parts of Intervention

  • Citizens' rights

    • Article 18.4 of the Spanish Constitution recognizes the fundamental right to protection of personal data.

      The Deputy Directorate, through the unit of Strategic Planning and coordination, is responsible for the treatments “ parts of intervention: documented and police actions ” (hereinafter referred to as “ PARTIES Intervention ”) and “ Police complaints system SIDENPOL ” (hereinafter referred to as “ SIDENPOL ”), which has developed a procedure to articulate the exercise of rights which the law accords to citizens.

      These activities are carried out well treatment for the fulfilment of legal obligations, either for the performance of missions in the public interest or having sought the consent of the holder of the data through a clear affirmative action.

      Personal data included in the above treatments are used as confidential, solely and exclusively, in accordance with the stated purposes and issued in the register of treatment activities of the ministry of Interior.

      And only under statutory duty, as recognized in the register of treatment activities, personal information collected may be transferred to third parties.

      Information on protection of rights of the Ministry of interior

  • General procedure

    • At the request to exercise the rights of access, rectification and deletion of the treatments “ SIDENPOL ” and “ PARTIES intervention ”, should be disclosed:
      • Name and surname of the person concerned.
      • Identification of the electronic medium, or, alternatively, physical location to the practice of notifications.
      • Facts, reasons and request that is established, clearly, the request, with the input, where appropriate, of the documents supporting the request made.
      • Date and Lugar which addresses the request.
      • Signature of the applicant or accreditation of the authenticity of the willingness expressed by any means.
      • Órgano, centre or administrative unit which is intended in this case, direction Attached unit Operational Strategic Planning and coordination, located in the street Rafael Calvo, 33, 28010 Madrid.

      If the request does not meet the requirements specified above, to be sent to the person concerned to proceed with the necessary cure for the continuation of the proceedings.

  • Performance through representative

    • The citizen concerned may exercise your rights has recognized through representative, according to the following provisions:
      • Legal representative, if the person concerned is in disability or age that renders the personal exercise of these rights, in which case it will be necessary to the accreditation of such status.
      • Voluntary representative expressly designated for the exercise of the law. In this case, shall be clearly recognized identity and representation conferred by him.
  • Cure of formal deficiencies

    • In cases that detects formal deficiency in the application or the absence of any requirements necessary from the national police shall be communicated to the person concerned, through a period of ten working days to be eradicated. To that end, is available in a form.

      Until the cure of the formal deficiency, the term reported resolution and notification to the person concerned, will be suspended in accordance with article 22.1 to), of law 39/2015, of 1 october, of Common Administrative Procedure of the Public administrations. If you do not proceed to the cure in the indicated deadline, it will be withdrawn in your application.

  • Retention of data

    • The data included in the above treatments are retained for the time required to comply with the purpose for obtaining, always taking into account the deadlines set by the data protection rules.

      In this regard, the organic law 7/2021, of 26 may, for the protection of personal data treated for prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of criminal offences and of criminal procedure provides that in general, the time limit for the deletion of data is not less than 20 years, unless there are factors such as the existence of open investigations or offences that have not prescribed, not closing the enforcement of sentences, recidivism, need for protection of victims or other circumstances made. This, without prejudice to the review of the need to preserve, limit or delete all personal information contained in each of the treatment activities under its responsibility, not later than every three years, the person responsible for the treatment.

  • Human data protection

    • The rights listed below, and recognize citizenship are regulated by the organic law 7/2021, of 26 may, for the protection of personal data treated for prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of criminal offences and on the execution of criminal sanctions, and by default the organic law 3/2018, of 5 december on personal data protection and guarantee of the digital rights.

      These rights are eminently personal nature (be exercised directly or through a legal representative or voluntary) and independent (the exercise of one of these rights, there is no requirement for the exercise of another).

      The right to obtain information on the processing of personal data may be exercised through the consultation to the register of Treatment activities.

      To exercise the rights of access, rectification and deletion of your data, the national police offers a form which must be completed and process through standardized channels. However, in accordance with article 23.3 of the organic law 7/2021, of 26 may, the responsabile del trattamento instead proceed to the deletion of data, may limit the processing of personal data.

      Without limiting the foregoing and in accordance with article 20.5 of the organic law 7/2021, of 26 may, “ when requests for a person is manifestly unfounded or excessive, in particular due to their repetitive nature, responsible processing may leave inadmitirlas ”.