Formalities and procedures

Travel permit for minors.

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    Police station the place of residence of the person concerned

    • Personally, at the police station elected
    • Consult the directory of handling travel permits for minors.
    • The travel permit is exclusively for spanish minors resident in spain travelling outside the national territory unaccompanied children any of their parents or guardians.
    • It is only compulsory the appearance of one of the parents or legal representatives in the police units, but it is necessary consent of the two .
    • If the child travelling in the company of any of its representatives legal (parents or guardian/en).
    • Not applicable to minors enter Spain for minors or spanish legally resident outside the national territory.
    • The minors foreigners residing in Spain shall be governed by the provisions of its national legislation nor is it necessary for minors foreigners who are visiting or in transit in Spain.
    • IT IS NOT SUBJECT TO AUTHORIZATION TO SUBMIT IT TO TRANSPORT COMPANIES but for submission at the border crossings (Regulation EU 2016/399, annex VII, paragraph 6.3).
  • D.N.I. / Pasaporte de la persona que va a comparecer en dependencias policiales
  • Document into force with which you ’ re travelling the minor ( D.N.I. /Passport)
  • The additional documentation required to contribute to the authorization, as a power of attorney, family record book, certifying document from of representation, certifying document from of household, etc.
  • Please note that the staff member who issues the authorization will be in a position to assess the submission of any valid means in law with the object of proving the declaration and the content of the documents that accompany it.

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